Drain-All Ltd is approved by the Ministry of the Environment as a Hazardous Waste Carrier and Receiver throughout the province of Ontario and Quebec. We offer collection and management solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.

A Partial Listing of some of the Environmental Services we offer:

• Precision (soft) Vacuum Excavation

services for all sites with contaminated soil.
• Chemical Lab Packing and

Laboratory Decommissioning
• Industrial and Commercial Hazardous Waste

Treatment processing.
• Equipment Decommissioning and

Decontamination Service
• Environmental Remediation
• Select Building Decommissioning
• Waste Oil/Glycol Recycling
• Contaminated Water Treatment
• Contaminated solids disposal

• Asbestos Abatement


Contaminated Soil Removal
Contaminated Soil Removal

Chemical waste removal
Chemical waste removal

VAC-2-SAC unit in operation
VAC-2-SAC unit in operation

Contaminated Soil Removal
Contaminated Soil Removal


Waste Management Services Include:​

• Industrial waste disposal
• Construction waste mgmt
• Liquid waste​

• Ontario waste mgmt pickup

• Environmental waste mgmt

​• Waste management services
• Hazardous waste disposal

• Recycling waste mgmt
• Disposal services
• Waste management plan​

• Hazardous waste ​

• Solid waste mgmt

• Waste processing