Drain-All Ltd. is approved by the Ministry of the Environment as a Hazardous Waste Carrier and Receiver throughout the province of Ontario and Quebec.

Drain-All Ltd. offers 24/7 Emergency Response Services which includes the mitigation, containment, cleaning-up and remediation after accidents or incidents.


Drain-All’s ER Technicians are trained and equipped to safely manage discharges of petroleum products, chemicals, hazardous or non- hazardous materials which were accidentally released from derailments, transport accidents, aviation accidents, vehicular accidents, abandonment, industrial facility incidents or natural disasters.


Drain-All’s Emergency Spill Response Services include:

- Acid spill

- Oil Spill clean up

- Fuel spill

- Truck spill

- Chemical Spill

- Paint spill

- Soil remediation

- Diesel spill

- Mercury spill

- Waste disposal

- Decontamination

- Tanker rollover

- Oil Spill 

- Pipe burst   

- Gasoline spill

- Fire Water Removal

- Contaminated soil disposal

- Waste removal     

- Tank spill

- Industrial spill response

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Established in 1984