COVID-19 Decontamination Services

At this time of crisis related to the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), Drain-All remains focused on protecting the health of our employees, our clients and our community. With that in mind, we wish to offer our clients the benefits of our 35 years of experience in dealing with decontaminations and disinfecting procedures and processes. As a part of our standard operating procedures, our teams prepare and execute all projects with the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe and maintain the safety of our clients.

Drain-All Ltd. is here to help

Our services can support your organisation’s proactive approach to the COVID-19 virus and subsequent post virus recovery procedures. Our teams are equipped with all the required personal protective equipment to facilitate disinfection and sanitization procedures as directed by Federal and Provincial government agencies.

We can service a wide variety of facilities such as:  

  1. Manufacturing plants

  2. Office buildings: Offices, workstations, conference rooms, washrooms and kitchens

  3. Large facilities: Conference centres, community centres, arenas, gyms

  4. Government offices: Federal, provincial, and municipal offices

  5. Public facilities: Daycares, libraries, schools

  6. Public Transportation: Buses, trains, transport vehicles

  7. Long Term Care Facilities


Drain-All’s Emergency Response Team - Services

Our Emergency Response Team has over 35 years experience working with various government agencies and public and private sector organizations, as it relates to:

  1. Biohazard handling and co-ordination of disposal

  2. Specialized office and vehicle decontamination

  3. General biological cleaning and decontamination

  4. Decontamination of clandestine lab (illegal drug lab), chemical inventorying and waste disposal

  5. Cleaning of Government regulated facilities such as penitentiaries

  6. Residential decontamination 

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